Some reviews of Margaret McCartney’s The Patient Paradox:

‘The arguments are measured and well-referenced; the conclusions are distressing… Read this book. But don’t expect to be able to practice medicine in the same way again.’ British Journal of General Practice

‘Everyone who is interested in the UK National Health Service (NHS) should read this magnificent book.’ HealthWatch newsletter

‘McCartney is diligent enough to dig deep into the evidence, brave enough to name names where necessary and lucid enough to capture a concept in a memorable sentence, such as, ‘When you replace the doctor-patient relationship with a doctor-customer relationship, there is almost no point having a doctor in the equation’. Pulse

‘Margaret McCartney’s writings are appealing. This is not only because she is an excellent writer, but also because they mix insufficiently uttered common sense with iconoclasm and challenges to mainstream thinking. The Patient Paradox is packed with these things.’ Sir Iain Chalmers, James Lind Alliance [read full review here]

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What companies don’t tell you about screening

Read Margaret McCartney’s thought-provoking article in the British Medical Journal.

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The Patient Paradox Published 28th February 2012

Margaret McCartney’s upcoming book The Patient Paradox: why sexed up medicine is bad for your health, published by Pinter & Martin on 28th February, 2012.

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